Eva Salina and Peter Stand

EVA SALINA & PETER STAN are a small and mighty duo of accordion & voice, traveling through Vintage and Folk songs of Balkan Roma communities. Eva & Peter present soulful, expressive and intimate performances full to the brim with stories, history, insight, humor, melancholy and friendship. In their collaboration, Eva Salina & Peter Stan continue and fortify an interrupted legacy of empowered female voices in Balkan Romani (gypsy) music. Amplifying voices of past generations of Romani women musicians while evolving living traditions, Eva & Peter employ tenderness, grace, passion and a commitment to keeping these songs vital and relevant, while inspiring and teaching young people in the Balkans & Balkan diaspora to participate in their heritage. Featured artists at globalFEST 2018 “poised, lustrous”

— NY Times, 1/15/18), Eva & Peter released their first duo album, SUDBINA 3/30/2018 on Vogiton Records.


Poor Man’s Gambit

Poor Man's Gambit Promo_SMALL.jpg

Poor Man's Gambit is a Philadelphia based trio that brings a fusion of traditional music of Ireland, France, and Scotland to listeners around the world. Featuring button accordion, fiddle, guitar, bouzouki, bodhran, vocals, and dance, Poor Man's Gambit is quickly becoming one of the most recognized traditional bands on the East Coast.


Jah People


At first glance, Philadelphia’s JAH PEOPLE is the perfect embodiment of Bob Marley’s melodic messages of love, spirituality, and good vibes. But peel back the layers of the collective’s fun, party-infused exterior, and you’ll find a group of gifted singers and musicians who possess years of hard-earned experience. In fact, JAH PEOPLE is plotting to capitalize off newly crafted, original music, barely able to contain their growing desire for a name beyond the tough-as-nails City of Brotherly Love.




PhillyBloco is modeled after the blocos of Brasil, with their large percussion sections and harmonic/vocal accompaniment. The group performs a raucous mash-up of Samba, Funk, Reggae and New Orleans 2nd-line made popular by both Brazilian and non-Brazilian artists including: Olodum, Timbalada, Monobloco, Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder. Their music is extremely high energy, full of passion and feeling. They make people dance, feel good, and give people something to celebrate every time you see them perform.


David Wax DUO

David Wax Museum duo_SMALL.jpg

"Suz and I started this band as friends," says David Wax, "but now we’re married and have a child and have our family on the road with us. The stakes are different."

Those stakes are what lie at the heart of David Wax Museum's fourth and boldest studio album to date, Guesthouse (to be released October 16 on Thirty Tigers). It's the sound of a band reconciling the accountability of marriage and parenthood with the uncertainty and challenges of life on the road; of coming to terms with the limitations of the "folk" tag that launched their career and pushing past it into uncharted musical territory; of reimagining their entire approach in the studio to capture the magic and the bliss of their live show. In typical David Wax Museum fashion, the songs on Guesthouse are simplistic and sophisticated, elegant and plainspoken all at once. Rather than succumbing to the weight of the newfound responsibilities that landed on their doorstep, the band has leaned into the challenges to capture a brilliant portrait of the messy beauty of it all.