Volunteer Survey

Thank you for participating at the 2019 Connective Art & Music Festival. Your feedback is invaluable as we strive to improve ourselves and make plans for next year’s festival.

Overall, how would you rate the Connective Art & Music Festival?
How likely is it that you would recommend the Connective Festival to a friend or colleague?
How did you hear about volunteering at the festival?
Please rate the following
Please rate the following
The Volunteer Training held at the Oxford Area High School was helpful and prepared me for the day of the festival
I was prepared and received appropriate direction about my volunteer duties
There were adequate volunteers on duty at my location during my shift
When on duty as a volunteer, I felt it was an appropriate use of my time for the good of the festival
Volunteering at the festival was a meaningful way to participate in my community
I feel that my participation as a volunteer was appreciated
Have you volunteered at other events in the past?
Are you interested in volunteering at next year's festival?
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If you would like a festival organizer to contact you about your feedback, please leave your contact information below.