The Connective Festival is all about bringing people together—all kinds of people, from all walks of life. Unlikely friendships, surprising discoveries about one another and ourselves ... when we work together towards a common goal, we see beauty manifested in unexpected ways. 

The fox and the finch in our festival icon are symbolic of these unconventional alliances. Their unique friendship served as inspiration for a new story by Lillie Spotts, a festival volunteer and talented young writer and artist. A member of OPC and active in the Oxford community, Lillie has taken painting classes at Oxford Arts Alliance and has attended many Oxford Mainstreet, Inc. events. She hopes her story will help bring awareness to the festival, and to these two great organizations that it benefits.

We hope you love it as much as we do!

Fox and Finch

A story inspired by
the Connective Festival

Text and illustration by Lillie Spotts

Fox lived in a big big forest
at the base of a hill 
where all creatures lived apart,
very strict and very still. 

Each one had its place,
its own role to play,
and whenever someone changed this,
they weren't allowed to stay. 

Now, Fox loved art,
and she painted every tree, 
but the other animals
did not want this to be. 

They made Fox leave
to a part of the forest all her own
and while she loved having the space to paint,
she hated being alone. 

In another corner of the forest
lived a Finch who loved to sing,
but his neighbors hated music,
as they hated almost everything. 

They made him leave too, 
and he cried as he flew, 
thinking he'd never find a place to be, 
until one day when he came across a most remarkable tree. 

Its bark was red,
like his passion for song, 
and blue like the sky
which had been stretched around him for so long. 

 He landed on a branch
and began to look around, 
and as he noticed all the colors,
he was amazed by what he'd found. 

It was a whole collection of trees
covered with beautiful art, 
and he sang as he flew from tree to tree,
until he looked down with a start. 

A fox was staring up at him,
drawn by the beautiful sound.
"Come down, little bird," she said,
"let us talk here on the ground." 

"Are these your trees?" asked Finch,
now landing on her shoulder. 
She shook her head. "No one can own the trees,
but I have made them look a little bolder." 

Finch smiled and
flew to meet a tree. 
"It's lovely, you know," he said,
"what you have allowed them to be." 

"Art has helped them to grow,"
Fox replied.
"What brings you here? 
That's what I would like to know." 

Finch was sad as he explained that his friends didn't like music, and Fox smiled sadly in return. 
"You're welcome to stay with me — your singing is beautiful
just as all art is, you'll learn." 

"You'll really let me stay?" Finch sang
as he twirled and ruffled his feathers. 
"Of course! From now on, we can make ordinary things
more beautiful together."

The end


Lillie Spotts is a recent graduate of Rising Sun High School. This fall she will begin studies at St. Mary’s College of Maryland where she will pursue a degree in Art Education. In addition to writing and drawing, Lillie enjoys playing flute and French horn and hopes to join the orchestra during her time at St. Mary’s. 

story and illustration ©2019 Lillie Spotts. All rights reserved.