Raves & Reviews

2019: Year 2

The Connective Festival somehow outdid themselves in their second year...possibly the best small town fest I've experienced. They seem determined to take it up a notch every year, can't wait to see where it goes. ~ Joe del Tufo, Wilmington, DE

The Connective Festival is my favorite local event and will be an annual tradition for my family and I. I absolutely love seeing everyone come together in our town to enjoy the art and music. All of the festival coordinators and the volunteers from our community put in so much work, time, and dedication to make this happen, it is truly admirable. Can't wait till next year! ~ Gwen Shan

So much love and energy in this festival, Oxford has it going on, great work to the planning crew. ~ Dave Bart

I had a great time as a Artist at the festival! MarkersMagicalArts will definitely be back next year!!! A great time for family and friends. Many opportunities came from this day for me. Thank you for having me! The volunteers were amazing too!!! Great job, Oxford! ~ Keith Key Marker, Nottingham, PA

We had such a fun day, working our booth, then enjoying the evening festivities & music. All the hard work put in by the organizers and volunteers was evident and much appreciated. This event is awesome for Oxford! ~ Jane Yesilonis, Oxford, PA

IMPRESSIVE EVENT ONCE AGAIN! We came to First Friday in December and were completely charmed by the experience. Connective blew us away. Such good food, free water, misting tents, music, art, activities, freebies and genuinely nice staff and volunteers. Very well put-together event. It was a truly remarkable day. We’ll be back! ~ Cathy Platt Irwin‎

Awesome job to all who help on the connective music festival ~ Rocky Rapposelli

A fantastic day at the Connective Festival yesterday. Thank you to the good people of Oxford Mainstreet and the Oxford Arts Alliance for putting on such a great show, and thanks to the volunteers, first responders and countless others who made the day such a success! ~ Lee Archer, Oxford, PA

This was our first year we attended. We had a great time despite the heat...kept hydrated with all the FREE bottles of water we drank; walks through the misting tents; and enjoyed multiple bags of FREE Herr's snacks throughout the day! We took breaks in the shaded picnic area throughout the day, where we enjoyed our meals and several wonderful performances. The music was wonderful...we enjoyed the various genres of music that was played. Was not disappointed by any of the groups we heard! Great selection of food trucks...we both enjoyed our lunches and dinners that we purchased. It was nice because we each selected food from different vendors. We enjoyed playing WXPN's Woodstock quiz and all their free goodies. Looking forward to listening to our CDs. I enjoyed looking at the various artist's work; the interractive Nature Connection and Art Experience activities; the vendor's informational tables and goodies. I even came home with a bag of dog food, for my sister-in-law's dog, and a t-shirt for my granddaughter! The Oxford Arts Alliance and Oxford Mainstreet, Inc did a great job! Kudos go out to all the volunteers, police officers, firefighters and EMTS that assisted in making the event...well eventful! Definitely plan to attend next year! #jobwelldone #agreatdayofmusicfoodfun #greatwaytoshowcaseOxford ~ Carol Ricedorf Boerlin

It was a great event, very well organized. Awesome food trucks and great exposure for area businesses. ~ Ruth Jenkins, Oxford, PA

We had a great time at the Connective Festival. We enjoyed seeing friends, hearing great music, and browsing the many booths of top notch arts and crafts. We bought a beautiful bonsai and several original paintings. We parked at Oxford High School and took the free shuttle, which really did run every 10 minutes! Congratulations to all those who spent zillions of hours planning it and the many volunteers. A wonderful day in Oxford. Thank you. ~ Judi Jefferis, Oxford, PA

Connecting with the community through art and music. the variety of musicians, amazing art stands, all the kid activities, workshops, etc. It was amazing! All 2 blocks from my house. Thank you all for your sweat and tears. What a beautiful day you created. ~ Angela Mann, Oxford, PA

What an amazing weekend for our daughters and their families. They are constantly working toward the success of their community and our business In Oxford. Congratulations on congratulations on such great success and such a huge event. ~ Sue Zampogna

We had the best time! Kudos to all who put this fabulous event together! ~ Karen Fleetwood Kelly

It was well done & heard so many people say they had fun & definitely coming back next year. Enjoyed volunteering & music was great!! ~ Jane Freeman

Thank YOU. Each and every single volunteer. Each sponsor, each artist, band, EVERYONE. Oxford Police, Historic Oxford Borough, Oxford Mainstreet, Inc.. I could go on forever. We are honored to be part and humbled to see our work help spread the word! ~ Moonloop Photography

This year's Connective Fest was awesome!!!!!! Thanks for taking our feedback from last year and implementing it!! Can't wait for next year! ~ Jessie Whiteman, Washington, DC

We had such a great time yesterday - what a great event! can't wait to come back! ~ Christine McAllister

Thanks for a great time Connective Festival! ~ Mikey Bizlock

I can’t even put in words how terrific this Connective Festival was this year! I am a borough resident and own a business in town. The amount of talent in this area is unbelievable from the Battle of the Bands to the World Stage to the Emerging Artists to the Main Stage and all the other artisan, crafters and artists that spent the day with us in Oxford. I had a freaking blast and so did my family and our friends. We also busted our butts but it was awesome! Thank you to all the volunteers and the Connective Art & Music Festival, presented by Herr's committee. It takes a ton of work and trust me, they already started planning for next year. ~ Tammy Zampogna-Liberato, Oxford, PA

Great job, team. Good to see the community bond together. Reminds me of the good old firemans carnival days. ~ Mary Stafford

I went last year and I knew instantly I had to come back this year for it. It’s a full day of fun for everyone. Beautiful artwork and great music! What more could you want?! ~ Shellie Diaconu

The plants were truly beautiful! And I was immensely impressed with how much care was given to keep the plants healthy in the hot sun. They made the Art Tent area a real oasis of fun and creativity!! ~ Catharine Dann Roeber

The Connective Art & Music Festival, presented by Herr's was beyond measure. I am so proud of my town, of the organization, the community of artists, the VOLUNTEERS, my friends! - and so much more. ~ Jim Coarse

It's an amazing experience! Fun for the whole family. Music for everyone's taste, not to mention amazing food. This will be my family's tradition for years to come. ~ Amy Kesler Miller

What a fun day being a volunteer! ~ Barbara Ortiz, Oxford, PA

Great day. Fantastic job putting this together again this year! ~ Holle Tyler Hausmann

It was Beyond Awesome! ~ Marsha Roten

Great Music, Food & Art! Especially loved Samba / Funk band PhillyBloco!!! ~ Tracy S. Machalek

Great day! Loved the visual artists, craft beer and music. Excellent job by all involved in the planning and execution of this event! ~ Dawn Reagan, Oxford, PA

Thank you organizers, volunteers and Oxford PD for an amazing event ~ Robin Balla‎, Nottingham, PA

Oxford, congratulations on a very well run art and music festival. So many great bands, artists, food choices, and activities. Thanks to all the sponsors and volunteers who worked hard to pull it off. ~ Ann Z. Lauder, Lewistown, PA

Thank you thank you! I was a 1st time vendor at your event yesterday! 1st off I was in the MOST amazing perfect spot! My sales were amazing, the help available from the festival was 1st class! I made so many new friends! It was such a wonderful experience, I cannot say enough how wonderful the entire day was for me and all the fellow vendors and attendees of your event! ~ Kathy Freeborn

Had a great time! Phillybloco was awesome! ~ Linda Whiteford

Such a great event! ~ PhillyBloco, Philadelphia, PA

We had a blast at the Connective Festival in Oxford, Pa! Thank you to the wonderful volunteers and organizers who worked so hard so we could have this moment of fun! See you next year! ~ Denise Collins

It was a fantastic event for all ages! Well done! ~ Catherine Elizabeth

A HUGE shout out to the Connective Festival team, volunteers, sponsors, artists, musicians, OPD, Oxford Public Works, Oxford Mainstreet, Inc., Oxford Arts Alliance and the many many more who worked together to bring Oxford the Connective Festival. For those setting up in the middle of the night and breaking it all down in the middle of the night - Thank you!! Oxford shone bright on Saturday! We can't wait to see what's in the works for Connective Festival Year 3! Kudos!! ~ Oxford Area Chamber of Commerce

Awesome day & night. Enough to keep the kids excited, a few sound stages catering for different tastes and a great evening atmosphere. Lively but family friendly with arts as well as music. Different to other festivals in that you are in a small town with restaurants, bars and stores as well as the food trucks and vendors. Oxford is a little town with a big heart. ~ Danny Hulse, Oxford, PA

A very pleasant, well organized event. Fun music. Live art. Happy people. ~ B.j. Jacobson Binkley

Good time, great people ~ Fred Osborne

Wonderful event with lots of great art and entertainment! ~ Brett Witte

Fantastic event. Don’t miss out on this gem. I want to personally thank the organizers, volunteers and sponsors for putting on what I think is the premier community event in Chester County. What a fantastic job by all and it showed. It was such a tremendous event. The level of musicianship and quality of art on display was just simply top notch. You have set the bar high and hope you continue to reach for the stars. Thanks again and already counting down for next year. ~ Bryan Balla, Nottingham, PA

We had a great time....cannot wait til next year! ~ Andrea Evans, Oxford, PA

Thank you to everyone who had a hand in this year’s festival. From the ones who plan it, the volunteers, the sponsors, the businesses, the vendors, the people who came out, the police, fire and EMT's. Thanks for a great day. ~ Mike Peak, Oxford, PA

2018: Year 1

Wonderful fun filled family fun ~ Kathy Freeborn

Had a BLAST! And ate way too much Delish food! ~ Sue Halford, West Chester, PA

A fantastic day from top to bottom! Best local music festival ever! ~ Moe Train, Kennett Square, PA

We had a blast at the festival! Very well organized, a lot of volunteers, music not only on the stage areas but on the street as well and great food options! John King was awesome-never heard of him before but will listen to him now! And cost to get in was extremely reasonable! Thank you for organizing this event and I hope to come again next year! ~ Vicki Piersol, Lancaster, PA

Good times! Thank you. ~ Jess Sturgill

We loved all the kid-friendly interactive space, especially the mural and the art and nature art tent! ~ Jenna Johnston

Thank you to all that was involved in the planning and execution of the Connective Festival. From my point of view it seemed to run smoothly as if it was done many times! Everything was thought out from the kid activities, food trucks, art vendors and the entertainment on multiple stages. I also liked how the local businesses spilled outside of their store fronts to partake in the the festival. Again thank you and I cannot wait to see what next year brings!! Cheers!! ~ Kevin Yontosh

Awesome, fun filled, family friendly day! Great food, vendors, art, and music! ~ Jane Yesilonis, Oxford, PA

So glad l saw about festival on Facebook and decided to come from Rising Sun. It was awesome! ~ Danijela Bajlović Harris, Rising Sun, MD

My favorite memories: Being given such an amazing opportunity to show my drawing work to people directly. Seeing so many people enjoying a day out in Oxford, rather than somewhere else. Pride in my town, and in being a small part such of such a huge achievement. The army of volunteers who went about their work with such passion and joyful smiles! ...and so much more! ~ Lee Archer, Oxford, PA

Fun day! Great food and plenty to see. Love the culture and music! ~ Matt Peery

What an amazing event all around. The art, the music, the feeling of being one as a community. All add up to a glorious day in the streets of Oxford. Let's not forget the volunteers and sponsors who all made this possible. Building from the ground up an event that not only brought lots of people and lots of business to our small but wonderful little corner of the world. But also an event that benefited two great charitable organizations that do very cool things within our community. So many talented people lent their time, their craft and the sweat from their brow to give us a day that as a community we could not only enjoy but also be proud to be a part of. To everyone involved you have my respect and adoration for the devotion and love shown for our little slice of Americana. Thank you. I cannot wait for next year. You know I had a good time when in today's technology obsessed world I'm way too busy having fun to remember to take any pictures From the local restaurants, bars and coffee house to the many many food trucks and vendors. I didn't try as much as I'd have liked to but what I did was awesome and the rest looked and smelled delicious. ~ Jim Shan

Awesome time at the Connective Festival. The mostly friendly and fun environment. Very well put together! Looking forward to next year! ~ Ruthie Lombardi, Oxford, PA

What a fantastic day! Everything was organized perfectly! Our son had a great time during the day and we had a blast at the concert! I hope this becomes a yearly event! ~ Kimberly Yontosh

Had a great time at the Festival. A huge shoutout To The Connective Festival and Landhope Farms! ~ Tim McConnell Jr, West Grove, PA

A great time to showcase a small town. Looking forward to next year! ~ Theresa Zunino-McFalls, West Grove, PA

Fabulous experience. I am an introvert, I burn easily, and I don’t like being hot. So any summer event has that stacked against it when it comes to whether or not I will enjoy myself (or even attend). WELL. Let me tell you. This event was spaced out broadly enough that no one area ever got too congested while also being compact enough to see everything. There were so many accessible bathrooms that I never once used one that was dirty or smelly. There were tons of places to sit (and even had flowers on the tables!) and so many beautiful (and interactive) art installations. There were enough food trucks and stands that I don’t ever once think I saw a long line. The food was delicious, and there was a variety from which to choose. I loved all of the stages and artists tucked in every corner. You were never out of earshot of LIVE music but the sounds also never clashed or collided with each other.

Although I am not disabled, I have a habit of thinking about “Would I have a good experience here if I were ... (blind, in a wheelchair, etc)?” wherever I go. What I noticed is that there was ample room on moving spaces to use a cane (for vision or walking) and not much in the way for someone to trip over or where wheels could not go. I don’t think any of the sounds were overtly too loud for people with hearing sensitivities (noise canceling plugs can help with that). There were many, very clean, accessible bathrooms.

I enjoyed all of the activity tents and each of the vendors. I thought they were all interesting and fun. I liked how people could participate with events like Clash of Canvases, for no additional purchases. I loved the final concert with Eve6. I think the location was perfect for a nice breeze. Market has that incline to it, and with the stage at the bottom, it seemed like it naturally lended itself to everyone having a good view. I felt as though the pricing of the event was fair for what was offered.

I appreciate the support that the local police and Fire/EMS offered as it was clear all of these local public servants were working extremely hard to be present and accessible.

I volunteered for about 5 hours. It was fun and easy and I enjoyed myself. I was appreciative of the “runner” volunteers who brought us all waters, sodas, snacks and literally anything else we found we needed, in mere minutes! Several of the main event coordinators seemed to be omnipresent somehow—defying the laws of physics. Everywhere you turned, the people responsible for running this machine were out and about and present with what was going on.

To add, the graphic design and promotional materials were also GORGEOUS. So much talent! The logo was so clever as well. ~ Amanda Woolston, Oxford, PA

What an amazing experience! ~ Dan Meixell, Oxford, PA

Love the Connective festival! ~ Nick Peters