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11am - 5pm

Moe Blues

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Kevin Gannon (Harmonica) Philadelphia native, Kevin Gannon, is the heart, soul and leader of Moe Blues. With his undeniable stage  presence , His Harp leads this band. He keeps you movin' and groovin' all night long. And when you wake up, dazed and confused, you will wonder what hit you! 

Albie von Schaaf (Guitar, Vocals) Those who have tracked the progress of Albert "Albie" Von Schaaf these last 15 years or so know the magnitude and depth of the rock renegade's talent. On guitar, he's a blazing flamethrower, some unholy concoction of Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Billy Gibbons..."What sometimes gets lost in the maelstrom is that Von Schaaf is one hell of a songwriter and lyricist as well." (Metroland Magazine, New York)

Jeff Shoemaker (Drums) Lancaster native Jeff "KIller" Shoemaker holds down the beat with deadly precision, playing so deep in the pocket that the room gets funkier just by him showing up. With his easy touch and signature approach, he is the pulse of the band

Dave Lippi (Bass) On the Bass is Dave Lippi.


Chris Monaghan

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Chris Monaghan has been described as a triple threat: great songwriter, accomplished musician, and a soulful singer. He has a skill of drawing the audience in and leaving them wanting more.  

Chris tallied more that 500 shows including playing multiple times for discerning and appreciative standing-room-only crowds, all by the age of 19.

Asked about who influences his own personal sound, Monaghan responded, "If I had to pick one artist, John Mayer would be my biggest influence.  Dave Grohl, Bruce Springsteen, Jack Johnson, Ben Rechter are a few others I really look up to." Chris appreciates all genres of music and blends different aspects into his unique pop sound. 

Originally from Fallston, Maryland, Chris relocated to Nashville in July 2016 and has been working hard, playing legendary venues like The Bluebird Cafe, and making great connections. In February of this year, Chris released an album produced by nine-time Grammy Award-winning engineer/producer Bil VornDick. Chris returns home a few times a year to play shows in the Maryland and southern PA area.


Bethlehem & Sad Patrick 

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Bethlehem and Sad Patrick combine soaring vocals, sparse, melodic guitar and driving percussion to deliver powerful songs of love, keeping your head up in the city, struggling, and searching for happiness and peace on the margins.

Sad Patrick’s hybrid of folk, blues and jazz guitar provides a subtle counterpoint to Bethlehem’s “vocussion” – her term for her powerful, immersive singing, remarkable improvisations and nuanced melodies riding atop tarima and body percussion. Their 2018 album “Love and Other Struggles” sonically and thematically extends the ground they broke on 2016’s “Did You Ever Do?”. 

They are best experienced live, where you can see their interplay and witness how fully Bethlehem inhabits their songs and captivates a crowd. Since forming in 2012, the duo have gone from playing street corners and backyards all around Philadelphia to spotlights at Club Passim, Ladybug Music Festival, the State Street Blues Stroll and the Philadelphia Folk Festival.