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Battle of the Bands

Castle of Ink


Castle of Ink is an alternative rock band who has performed at various venues throughout the city of Pittsburgh. The band has been around for about seven years but was originally known as “INK.” INK was a duo band created by Raynard Lucas (lead singer) and Robert Rose-Thompson (lead guitarist). In the course of six years, the band has expanded in members (ex. Destinee McCallister) and changed its name to “Castle of Ink.” They are still searching for their sound, but so far they have a nice mixture of rock, blues, jazz, and a dash of pop. Their goal is to create music that everyone can relate to in any situation. Get a taste of their sound here:



Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 11.00.56 AM.png

Downforce is an alternative rock band from Maryland consisting of brothers Alex and Adam Irwin and their friend Bryce Bird. Inspired primarily by the Indie Rock artists of the early 2000s, Downforce blends alternative, punk and grunge influences into their energetic sound and lively performances. The group tends to operate in and around the Elkton area, their members not only active in Downforce, but also in the local music scene as a part of many other musical groups. The band is currently working on recording their first EP, which will release sometime in the near future. You can check them out live here:


Social Ruins


Grungy rock 'n' roll from the heart of Delaware USA.
Heavy and melodic riff-based original music - Social Ruins is guaranteed to get stuck in your head. Their sound is modern yet classic and influenced by various styles from punk and metal to blues and classic rock. With songs inspired by current events, political despondency, and social afflictions -
Social Ruins is a rock band for today's minds and voices. Check them out in action:


Swing thAT Cat

David Wax Museum duo_SMALL.jpg

Swing That Cat is a sonic cocktail ~!~ Take Early Rock and Roll, swizzle in Horny Swing, add a dash of Cabaret and splash of Bourbon Street. Led by Michele Peraino, a modern-day Rita Hayworth meets Catwoman, with a vocal style drawn from the sultry jazz of Sarah Vaughan to the bluesy roar of Etta James. Backed by a crazy group of cats, this NJ-based band is stirring up a revival of sound that makes their audiences shimmy and shake their tails! Check them out in action here:


Vicious Cycle

Vicious Cycle Band Photo.jpg

Vicious Cycle is a hard rock band from Oxford, Pennsylvania. It was formed in 2011 by William Vanover (guitar), Ben Dawson (drums), Steve Vanover (bass) and Matt Johnson (vocals). They have released two EPs and one full-length studio album, with their 2nd due to release summer 2019. With catchy riffs, driving drums, rhythmic bass and meaningful lyrics, Vicious Cycle moves to carry on the tradition and stylings of the bands they admire and emulate, such as Tool, Deftones, Chevelle and Pantera. You can check out their album here:


Mrs. Kitching

Mrs. Kitching 2.jpeg

From Wilmington, Delaware, comes the final spotlight contestant...alt-rock power trio, Mrs. Kitching. Fronting the band is Mike Barkasy on guitar and vocals. Chris Tremble shows off his talents on bass, vocals, and keys. Finally, Jack Alberta holds everything together on the drum kit. All three members met in middle school where they began writing music together. Ever since the three friends have been on a wild ride of playing and writing music together. Check them out here: