Art Demonstrations

10:30am - 5pm


Maggie Creshkoff

Maggie Creshkoff lives on a farm in northern Maryland with far too many cats and BoudicaDog. She studied American history at Antioch College, ceramics at the Instituto Allende in Mexico, and moved to Maryland in 1982. Stubbornly committed to using local clays, she is likewise dedicated to getting as many children and adults as dirty as possible. Join Maggie Creshkoff ‘s demonstrations Saturday August 4th 2018 Downtown Oxford Pa Connective Arts & Music Festival.

Rob Sig.jpeg

Rob Sigafoos

Rob Sigafoos is a metal artist, owner of Vinewoods Forge. He designs and forges sculptural work along with functional art. He started doing sculpture as a metal artist 35 years ago. For the last 10 years, he has focused full-time on both functional and fine-art metal sculpture. “My goal is to allow this most amazing medium to show me its ability and appeal in the form that is the antithesis of what we have come to expect; to show me its soft, graceful, feminine and organic side.”

Scott Gold II

Charlie Kain

Dave Keefer